If your a beauty lover like us then you have certainly come across facial rollers, but what are they and what do they actually do?  Facial rollers have become very popular and for good reason but they have been around since the 17th century in china. 
Believed to be an effective tool for achieving clear and youthful skin, those who use this wonderful tool have given glowing reviews on the tool's efficacy. It is said that facial rollers can drain excess fluids from the face, de-puffing the skin. This has been confirmed by Dermatologist who state that precious stone facial rollers stimulate the lymph system, getting rid of the body's toxins . 

The most common facial roller has two ends, the larger roller is used for the forehead, cheeks and neck areas. Whilst the smaller roller is meant for the under eyes and around the mouths. 

At ESPÉRER we have introduced the white jade facial roller as it allows product to better absorb into the skin, so that we can gain the products full benefits. Facial rollers help reduce wrinkles and encourage blood circulation around the face.  

Why White Jade? 
You may have been more familiar would Jade being the striking colour of green, however the rare white jade comes with many benefits. believed to have healing powers that make you feel peaceful and calm. as well as the ability to purify negative feelings that could be preventing you from clear thought.  
We truly believe that using white jade to create a facial  roller can greatly benefit your skin and your mind, allowing peace and sincerity to be a part of your skin care routine. 

Visit our SHOP to find our genuine White Jade facial roller and start rolling your way to a better you. 
December 29, 2019 — Dina El Adlani

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