Rooted in Nature. Nurtured by Science

Intertwining the potent essence of nature with the intricacies of Psychodermatology, our groundbreaking skincare brand harnesses the healing power of botanicals while delving into the profound connection between Mind and Skin.

As the first Psychodermatological Skincare® brand, we have pioneered a new category in the beauty industry. Advocating for healthier self image and emphasising the effects of skin health on Mental Health.

We meticulously craft our products to harmonise with the skin's natural balance, utilising research-backed formulations that foster emotional wellbeing and skin health simultaneously.

Our philosophy is a fusion of science and holistic care, where each product is a testament to our commitment to nurturing not just the skin's outer radiance but also uplifting, calming and relaxing the senses.


Shop our collection of beautiful night repair face oils. Each designed to target a specific skin and emotional concern.

Social Impact

Supporting Women

We have a strong trust and relationship with female-led suppliers in Morocco, who employ women from disadvantaged backgrounds creating a profound social impact.

By deliberately choosing suppliers led by women and providing opportunities for impoverished women, we foster economic empowerment and social inclusion.

These actions contribute to breaking barriers, providing fair wages, and ensuring decent working conditions, thereby creating a ripple effect of empowerment within these communities.

It's a step towards gender equality, economic independence, and uplifting the voices and livelihoods of marginalised women, ultimately contributing to the growth of the local communities in Morocco.

Ethical Sourcing

French Distillery

Our plant waters are carefully sourced from a distillery that has been operating for over two decades in the beautiful region of Provence, commonly referred to as the 'French Riviera.'

Moroccan Argan fields

We procure our exquisite plant oils directly from Morocco. Partnering with suppliers led by women, we contribute to the empowerment of local communities. We strive for the highest quality ingredients and ensure that meticulous extraction techniques are utilised, to obtain only the the purest oils from are the fruit, leaf, and bark.