We all struggle to find the perfect skin care regimen; an even more mystery is how to take care of our skin at night. Some of people are very militant with our nightly skincare routine, some repeat the same process at night that they performed during the day and some of people don’t have a night skincare routine at all.  Our skin is exposed to pollutant, UV rays and impurities during the day. At night, it gets a chance to rejuvenate, and create new cells. Thus, repairing some of the damage. There have been studies that suggest a well implemented night-time skincare routine can improve the skin’s health. Skin cells regenerate fastest during the night due to the increased blood flow to the skin. A good night-time skin care routine consisting of effective products can assist the skin to maximize regeneration process.

Have you ever considered why a 7-hour sleep impacts the way we look the following morning? This is because of the skin cells undergoing faster regeneration whilst we sleep. Given the fact that our skin cells work harder during the night, we can guess the amount of nutrients it requires to perform the job properly. This is exactly where a good night skincare routine comes in handy. As the right skincare products provide the required nutrients that can maximize the cells’ regeneration process. Vitamin A and C are the most powerful and effective ingredients in the regeneration process. Vitamin A greatly catalyses the cellular process on the surface and deeper layer of the skin. Vitamin C on the other hand has remarkable skin anti-aging benefits. A study conducted on the effectiveness of Vitamin C in the rejuvenation of the skin has proven this to be true. The participants in said study who had premature wrinkles showed drastic and visible improvement after applying a formulation of Vitamin C for 12 weeks.

Our skin has a natural moisturizer called Sebum; an oily substance produced by the sebaceous gland. While the skin produces this substance during the day for lubrication and protection, clinical investigations have revealed that this production significantly decreases at night. Which is why the skin loses moisture at night.  The skin becomes more prone to dryness, itching and irritation during the night-time. To address this, we need to effectively moisturize our skin at night using facial oils, serums, and moisturisers. If that hasn’t convinced you to start a nightly skin routine, here is another little fact for you, our skin reaches its highest temperature at night and is more acidic than the daytime. Both these factors combined contributes to the dryness of the skin. Therefore, an appropriate night skincare product will be able to sustain the skin’s higher need for moisture.

Since our skin’s barrier is lower during the night, skin penetration is higher leading to a faster and intensified rate of absorption, products we apply during this time will sink deeper into the skin. This makes it the perfect time to use skincare products that contain vitamin A, C and natural oils. If you suffer from certain skin conditions such as acne, using products with sweet orange oil as an active ingredient can prove very beneficial to the skin. Sweet Orange oil has been clinically proven to improve acne-prone skin, clearing acne lesions up to 75%. Since our skin is more receptive at night it is advised to use products made ONLY with natural ingredients to minimise further damage to the skin from harmful chemicals and synthetics.

Just as cleansing and moisturising before leaving the house is imperative for healthy skin, undoing the damage caused to our skin during the day by taking care of it at night is essential. If we want to wake up with glowing, rejuvenated skin, a regular night skincare routine using the right products will ensure the skin looks and feels healthy.

The “right” products that we refer to is none other than ESPÉRER SKIN CARE’S  BEAUTÉ DE LA NUIT collection of night repair oils.

Three different night repair oils formulated based on unique skin requirements. The luxurious, nutrient dense oils have been expertly blended to provide the skin with the much-needed help at night. Each oil made from natural ingredients that target a specific skin concern whilst providing the essential moisture. Making these facial oils the perfect addition to anyone’s night skincare routine.







December 20, 2021 — Aditi Singhania

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