At ESPÉRER we like to invest our time in everything that can better your skin.  But we are more than a skin care brand, we believe in the significance of a healthy lifestyle, most importantly promoting a healthy mind because we are firm believers that beauty starts from within. So for this week's self care post we will be talking about energy, matter and crystals. Our chosen crystal this week is Amethyst. 

Energy & Matter

The belief of energy and how it can influence your daily life and who you are has been practiced for centuries. However as science has developed so has our understanding of exactly what energy consists of.  Over the last few years this topic has gained popularity and more people have become intrigued by the power of the energy within us. Awareness has certainly grown and the theory that we can attract the very things that we think about gained a lot of attention. In particular phrases such as 'Law of attraction', 'energy fields' & 'healing'. Because let's face it! we all would like to think about something that we want and have it appear in front of us.  Many of us would love nothing more than to be in control of our own thoughts, emotions and experiences. But without understanding the building blocks of what energy is we are missing the vital components of how energy can affect us and our wellbeing. And without looking deeper the whole concept will appear to be rather mystical .  

Now looking from a scientific point of without undermining mysticism and ancient practices. Perhaps we can begin to understand Energy and the part it plays in our existence. 

The universe and everything it contains is made of two components; Matter and energy. Matter is what makes up everything that we can see, feel and touch. Everything is made up of matter and matter is made of atoms. Atoms are made of protons, neutrons and electrons.   

The other component that makes up the universe is Energy. There are two types of energy.  Potential energy, this is stored energy for example energy that is stored in bonds between atoms. And Kinetic energy which is the energy of motion,  anything that is moving will have kinetic energy. For example sound is a type of kinetic energy. 

In a nutshell that this is what matter and energy are.  Now keeping this in mind, if the universe is made up of matter and energy than we as part of this universe are made of matter and energy.  We are essentially vibrating atoms interacting with other vibrating atoms. 

Now where do crystals come into play in a midst of all this! As we are energy in different densities, our thoughts and emotions are connected to our physical bodies and have densities of their own. When energy is disrupted so is our mood and our health. Crystals are believed to be the most stable matter in our universe, this is due to the way they have been formed within the earth's crust. Crystallization occurs when layers of the earth's mantle fracture which allow heated gases & liquids to rise to the surface mixing with other minerals. As this mixtures rises and passes through cooler layers of the earth, crystals begin to form within the rocks.  The overall shape, size and colour of the crystals depend on the environment in which they are created.  Such as water, temperature, time and pressure. 

Crystals like everything else in the universe carry their own energy and therefore work with the human energy field. Diffusing , absorbing or shifting energy within the body. Crystal energy vibrates at different frequencies depending on the type of crystal much like the cells in the human body. When we come in contact with a crystal the energies interact which can help alleviate emotional and physical problems. This is why they are often referred to as 'healing crystals' . 


We decided that the first crystal we will discuss will be Amethyst, As this is a semi-precious stone that most of us are familiar with.  Amethyst has a striking purple colour and is believed to soothe the soul with clarity and calm.  Amethyst can assist in calming the mind, reducing insomnia and allowing restful sleep. Amethyst is all about soothing and calming energy. Amethysts works with our electromagnetic field so that we vibrate at the same frequency as that of the Amethyst. Now these are just some benefits of Amethysts and how it can work with our energy field. 

This post covers our understanding of energy, matter and crystals based on the information that is out there. We are aware that are many experts on crystals who talk about the spiritual side of crystals which we have not covered this in this post, as we are more concerned with scientific perspective of energy and energy transfer theories. 

If you have any information you would like to add to this post or have any questions, feel free to comment and let us know your thoughts. 

Remember to love and look after yourself, inside and out 

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